Hear personalized audio messages from your biggest supporters, automatically, during your race so that you can #runLOVED

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The Power of Motigo


Friends, family, coaches and supporters can pre-record personalized audio messages to motivate and inspire their runners.


Request cheers in advance, then use the app on race day along with your music or your other favorite running apps.


Laugh, smile and maybe even shed happy tears on your way to the finish line. Personalize your race experience and create lasting memories.

Features Built with You in Mind


Can't make it to the race? Don't want to get up early to live track a runner? No problem. You can cheer from home.


Record a message in seconds with a few simple steps.


So many ways to use Motigo: Have supporters notify you where to look for them along the course. Or record your own mantras and important reminders.



Motigo can run in the background and be used in conjunction with other fitness or music apps.


Messages play automatically at pre-selected points along the course, without a need to fuss with your phone.

Timely & Timeless

Cheers can be recorded in advance and are archived for runners to keep as lasting memories.

Words That Move Us

But honestly, I would not have been able to do it without Motigo. Listening to the cheers from my friends and family kept me motivated throughout the race.” Emily R. (24 Cheers) - RBC Half Marathon
“If I would have known how much I was going to like it – LOVE IT – while running the half-marathon, I would have reached out to more friends and family and would have begged everyone to jump on board.”Celeste E. (2 Cheers) - Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon
“The cheers I received from my friends and family made me cry. It was more than motivating!”Mariah G. (10 Cheers) - St. Jude Half Marathon
“I think that the entire concept is amazing and what a cool thing for runners who are trying to push through that wall.”Molly J. (14 Cheers) - Chicago Marathon
“It for sure helped me finish strong and made me feel loved.”Manda T. (19 Cheers) - St. Jude Half Marathon

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