How it Works



Motigo for Runners

We make it easy to hear the voices of your biggest fans cheering you on, giving you a powerful boost during your event:

1. Find and select your event(s)
2. Tap “Share Event” to invite friends and family to send you cheers
3. Set up your playlist and make sure your phone’s location services are set to “Always” for Motigo
4. On event day, run with your iPhone and tap “Start Event”. We’ll automatically play your cheers along the course

Plus, you can also record your own inspirational messages or mantras for an additional pick me up during your event.



Cheering on a Runner

Your encouragement and support is a powerful thing! Record and send a personalized message with these easy steps:

1. Sign up and then find the event that your runner is participating in
2. Select your runner and when you want your cheer played
3. Cheer them on – record and send messages they’ll hear during their race

Tip: Offer encouragement, heartfelt support or record something funny and lighthearted. Most anything goes so long as you don’t say things like “you’re almost there” or “only x miles left!”

More Questions?